“Jeremy Avis sings the solos with a light happy versatile tenor....  startlingly willing to join dances and even fights when required.”
Libby Purves, Theatrecat review

Soloist, session singer, composer, musical director and singing teacher, Jeremy Avis has worked in all these roles during his eclectic singing career. A regular musical director at Shakespeare's Globe and longtime soloist with Orlando Gough's vocal Big Band, The Shout he can bring his experience to bear on your project whether as performer or teacher. Browse the categories above to find what you are looking for.

Saudi Aramco - Jonathan Goldstein
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Jeremy Avis

"was soloist in these songs to the Virgin in an idiom which mixed the timeless aura of Indian raga with piquant North African sound. Relaxed and flirtatious Avis seemed fluent in their Gallician dialect.........."

The Independent

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