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Vocal Coach for Film and TV

Jeremy is an experienced Vocal Coach and on set Musical Director for film and TV who understands how to get the best vocal and visual performances from actors on screen. He also coaches individual actors and advise in use of appropriate audio capture methodologies for music in a scene.

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Jeremy is adept at supporting actors both onset and in ADR, focusing on confidence, pitch and timing issues. His experience enables him to choose the appropriate methodology for each actor and situation to capture that musical moment on film. He is also highly experienced at working with choirs and crowds pulling convincing performances from supporting artists.

Jeremy trains actors and musicians to use both in-ear monitoring (Phonak) for playback and also how to get the best from more conventional speaker-driven standard playback or sub-"thump" methodologies for getting the best performance on-set.

He is also quick and experienced at scoring and re-arranging, supporting the work of the composer and liaising with the Director/DOP. He can also re-edit audio backing tracks on the fly in the event of sudden decisions to change length's of performances on the day of shooting. 

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