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The Whispering Dome

The Whispering Dome is both concert and adventure story, telling the tale of one nightingale’s migration journey from the UK to the Gambia, combining early and contemporary performances and exciting multimedia projections.

An award-winning multimedia event


Brighton Early Music Festival originally commissioned Jeremy to create The Whispering Dome as a part of its 2023 programme.

It has now just won the "Extra-European project" of the year at the prestigious REMA awards 2024.

We are pleased to be able to offer this award-winning and innovative performance to your festival or event. Use the contact details below to contact us to discuss your needs.

The Whispering Dome documents in lavish detail one nightingale’s heroic journey south while also imagining the human music she hears coming up from below her on her route.


The performance is created by 5 professional performers from Europe, the Ladino tradition of Morocco, the Gnawa traditions of the Moroccan Sufi and the griot tradition of the royal courts of West Africa.


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Our story can be told effectively by just these five professional performers along with the spectacular projected maps, story cards and drone footage from the journey.


However, the fun and the number of performers can be easily increased to include: local amateur adult and children’s choirs, vocal quartets and even dance performers. This flexibility can of course help the piece to secure additional funding.


The piece runs from 50 to 100 minutes depending on the needs of the venue and festival programme.

During the piece the audience follows the nightingale’s journey through the overhead projections of drone footage and animated maps which cover the entire journey.


The audience is carried aloft on a skilfully edited journey seen from the bird’s perspective, as the different sounds of human music on the ground gently rise up from below. It’s a beguiling phenomenon and audience members describe feeling as if they too are flying with the birds themselves across time and space.

For more information contact

Sam Stadlen, producer

Tel: +44 7817 832738

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