Composition for Choirs, Theatre and Film

Jeremy has written and arranged literally hundreds of pieces for a variety of situtaions and performers. Whether writing new music for broadcast by professional choirs such as the Shout, or collaborating with Orlando Gough on pieces for literally thousands of performers (ie. for the closing ceremony for the Stavanger's year as Capital of European Culture), Jeremy has developed his range of compositional styles and interests to draw on a broad palette of sounds and influences.


Whether creating songs for characters in puppet shows, choruses for refugee camp choirs or arranging music for the fabulous all female group "La Mystere des Voix Bulgares", Jeremy's output delivers at the right level to accomplish the job at hand.


You can enjoy some of his  recent compositions and comissions on this page and see some of the unusual situations he has written for.

Fuse - composer: Jeremy Avis for The Shout
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Echad - Jeremy Avis: trio Zephry and The Voice Project Quintet
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A City of the North - Jeremy Avis and Orlando GoughUnknown Artist
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Dormer - Jeremy Avis : performed by The Voice Project
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Illria - composer: Jules Maxwell arr: Jeremy Avis
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tongue tied opera at ROH
LMDVB the gang
Big theatre_edited
Studious JA at piano
JA at piano at rehearsal
conducting in Norwich2
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