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Soloist: Song For Nature/ Sky Arts

Hallelujah by Jocelyn Pook Ensemble

Jeremy was tenor soloist with the Jocelyn Pook Ensemble for the London Climate Change Festival at The Coliseum in London. Accompanied by full orchestra he performed alongside Melanie Pappenheim and the Akram Khan Dance Company. The performance was broadcast on Sky Arts on April 22, at 9pm. You can watch a segment here:

The Doomsday Dance Band

Shop Window in the Galleries shopping centre, bristol

Jeremy has created and performed all sorts of  gig-theatre shows since returning to the UK in 1998. This year it's all coming together again with The Doomsday Dance Band,, a collective of four unlikely lads and their unique and danceable take on the current crisis in the High Street:

"Times are strange, and the town centre feels quiet - every third shop is shuttered up. But, wait a minute…Is there a light flickering at the back of that dead retail space…?  Are those shutters opening?  And who are those strange boiler-suited mannequins – with electric guitars…? Oh my God, they’re moving….!"

Starting this summer, Doomsday Dance Band will be re-energising the High Street with funk-rock and good times.  Their Shop Window gig-theatre show will see empty retail outlets brought to life with music, dance and video installation.  The first shows, feature the spectacular dancer Ella Mesma  and will be performed in the former Edinburgh Woollen Mill in the  Bristol’s Galleries shopping centre on 30th July – watch this space

SW flyer image draft 2.jpg

Brighton Early Music Festival Finale 2020

The Whispering Dome

As the finale for this year's Brighton Early Music Festival Jeremy was commissioned to write The Whispering Dome, a 15 minute fantasia about migrations, weaving traditional songs about birds from diverse cultures and working with these three superb featured international artists, Debipriya Sircar (India) , Surahata Susso (The Gambia) and Rebecca Askew (UK)  The BREMF community choir under the direction of Andrew Robinson also got involved in the chorus....... You can watch the whole piece below:

Fisherman's Friends: One and All
ADR session and Loop group work

And it's up to Soho to work with a Loop group adding "vocal foley" (background voices) to this movie. Also fitted in a moment to add a new vocal line to the edited version of the "Pirate King" scene.

The pirate king does ADR_edited.jpg

Stroke Odysseys Bristol

Zig Zag

In March 2020. Rosetta Life ( and Bristolians living with the effects of a stroke devised a show inspired by their stroke stories and performed it on the Ward at Bristol Southmead Hospital, and the nearby Greenway Community Centre. Jeremy was co-composer and musical workshop lead on this project. Film by Chris Rawlence and Stroke Odysseys.

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